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Design a smarter Health Savings AccountCommit. Collaborate. Communicate.

Our Purpose

   Making it simple to plan, save, and pay for personal well-being.

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Individuals are 2.6x more likely to select a Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified plan and employees contribute 5.3% more year-over-year when an employer contributes to their health savings account.

As a leader, are you hoping and not COMMITTING?

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Concierge services offer consumers the opportunity to Spend less and Save more.  PayFlex collaborated with a bill negotiator service that has proven to reduce members’ out of pocket costs by 70%, totaling $193 million in total savings since 2005, with an average savings of $4,100 per procedure.

Source: The Karis Group

Leaders should press the CURIOSITY button, not the PANIC button.

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In a recent consumer research study by PayFlex, we discussed consumers’ experiences with high deductible health plans and HSAs. And they expressed health insurance is: intimidating, confusing, impersonal and complicated.

So how can you help employees feel less confused? Here are a few ideas to help turn things around for this year’s open enrollment.

Ask yourself, as an organization, “what do we WANT?…what do our employees WANT?"

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Our Purpose

   Making it simple to plan, save, and pay for personal well-being.

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