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Leaders should press the CURIOSITY button, not the PANIC button

If you’re seeing slow adoption with your company’s Health Savings Account (HSA) offering, don’t panic.

The path to financial wellbeing is just that – a path. Consumers need help to shift the mindset from spenders to savers. What may seem like typical shopping behaviors are not so typical when it comes to health care. For example, shopping around for the best price.

Did you know…to save $4,100 would take 21 years with a 7% return (assumes an initial investment of $1000).

So how can we help employees spend less to save more? By collaborating with an industry leader in patient advocacy – The Karis Group. 


Helping HSA members navigate the health care world, while saving time and money 

Many people in our country continue to struggle to make sense of their health care. It often leads to feelings of chaos, confusion and frustration. The HSA Advantage program is a concierge-style service that focuses on helping your employees get the most out of every dollar saved for health care purposes.

The HSA Advantage program offers personal health care advocates who are specially trained and experienced in helping people navigate the health care system, achieve their goals, overcome challenges -- and most importantly -- save time and money when dealing with health care bills. Advocates help address a wide range of health care topics for your employees like:

  • Reducing the out-of-pocket portion of medical bills
  • Locating a doctor, specialist or facility
  • Making sense of hospital bills and insurance paperwork
  • Finding lower cost prescription options
  • And so much more! 

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